"Wealth Does Not Just Come Your Way Except Through Planning"

Preparation of financial planning projections and budgets.(corporate value consulting) we deliver customized Investment Management and Financial planning services to private individual.

We offer expert information and advice on an individual basis, and can help with planning for a family’s financial security through a well thought-out strategy,taking into consideration the specific needs of the clients and working towards a lifetime plan covering family protection and long term financial well-being throughout the client’s working life and beyond into retirement.

In our collaboration with external partners,we screen and recommend to clients,relevant and specialized investment and Pension fund managers for both private individuals and corporate organizations.

Such external partners also undertake portfolio Management of securities on behalf of our clients for investment purposes.



Our Professionals deliver tailored and insightful legal advice. We offer to our clients a broad spectrum of Legal Advisory Services, combining knowledge and experience in different legal practice areas with the multi-disciplinary approach of the company.

In today’s complex and continuously changing regulatory and business environment where companies are so exposed to strict compliance requirement and new business challenges, our understanding and in-depth knowledge help our clients to stay very competitive and compliant.

We cover the following main areas of expertise:

  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Insolvency law and Restructuring
  • Property law
  • Preparation of Contract Document
  • Concessions and Public Procurement
  • Registration of Companies and other related services


We focus on property valuation in respect of tangible assets that are critical in the decision-making process of tax structuring and dispute resolutions.

Our experience team have the in-dept knowledge and skills to undertake Land Surveying and Real Estate valuation that can provide our clients with independent and professionally robust opinion which can stand up to the scrutiny of all and sundry including the law courts and for pricing and negotiation support.

In essence, our services include

  • Valuation of land and buildings,
  • Valuation for sale and acquisitions
  • Valuation for rental and rating
  • Due-diligence audit for property acquisition and
  • Professional advice on other property related matters
  • Management of Real Estate and construction

Our team include chartered surveyors and professional valuers.