Established in 2016

KwamenaAyaim Investment Limited was incorporated in September, 2016 under the companies code 1963 (Act 179 as amended) with the critical objectives of filling a yawning gap in our business environment in Ghana.

Any business environment of necessity involves either financial, legal or valuation services of some kind and even in most cases involves all the three areas. Transaction advisors  usually provide such services as are required to undertake successful business deal by providing legal, financial and or valuation services. Surprisingly, not many firms provide one stop shop for such services.

Our company therefore provide our clients with this unique opportunity to improve their business relationship and also help in the investment drive of the country. Our business model is to provide efficient and sustainable business advice to our clientele. To enable us achieve our objectives and create value for our clients, we are guided by five(5) strategic pillars called CRIPT:
Client focus
Risk management

KwamenaAyaim Investment Limited is also an agent of PETRA TRUST
PETRA TRUST Company Limited is a privately held  trust firm registered under the company’s code of Ghana and the NATIONAL PENSIONS REGULATORY AUTHOURITY (NPRA) and has had several years in operations, providing Pension Trust services to clients in West Africa.


Given our core value of integrity,principles and commitment to deliver,our mission is to provide very intelligent and professional Legal, Financial and Valuation advisory. Organizational development and Consulting Services to clients nationality.We do so through our dynamic,highly efficient and result-oriented team whilst working to international standards and providing best practice and maximizing returns to all.


To become a leading Nationally acclaimed Legal,Financial and Valuation advisory firm with critical international partnerships that delivers results beyond the expectations of our clientele